High impact LU campaign improved brand perceptions and drove action towards Metro



The Challenge

The London Underground is core to Metro’s distribution network and the newspaper is an ingrained part of the Tube commuter experience. 

Metro wanted to continue to be perceived as the perfect companion for people on their commute, a go-to source of information and entertainment. 

The Execution

In September 2015, Metro ran a high impact advertising campaign across the London Underground; around the stations and inside tube carriages.  

To see the results of this campaign, download the case studies below:





“The London Underground is the perfect place to launch our campaign because of the audience we can reach and also the relevancy of ad placement. Our holding also allowed us to engage our audience with some witty dialogue.

It is great to see how the combination of ad placements, dwell times and relevant messaging not only drove the audiences to take action but also generate word of mouth about our product.

Our aim was to make a positive impact on brand perceptions amongst our key audience. The combination of being contextually relevant and creating entertaining copy allowed Metro to be seen as a commuter’s perfect companion – likeable, useful and interesting!”

Chris Dunne - Head of Consumer Marketing, Metro

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