LU ads resonated with Tube users, driving people to purchase Fairtrade products



The Challenge

An annual initiative, the ‘Fairtrade Fortnight’ campaign aimed to target Londoners and encourage consumers to stand up for farmers around the world by purchasing more Fairtrade products at this time.

The Execution

In March 2016, the ‘Fairtrade Fortnight’ campaign ran in London only, online, out-of-home (TCPs, 6s) and on a large digital screen at Holborn Eye.

To see the results of this campaign, download the case studies below:




“The research process was collaborative and informative. It gave us real insight into how the campaign landed in the market place and what actions people did on seeing it. This has helped inform future campaigns and what activities we will carry out, utilising ROI.”

Jamie Wellock - Marketing Manager, Fairtrade

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