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Global has revamped, renamed and relaunched the Bus Streetliner format to StreetReach. To celebrate we are giving away a fantastic advertising campaign to seven lucky winners across the country in the StreetReach Challenge!

The StreetReach Challenge gives advertisers and brands the opportunity to dominate high streets up and down the country. 

We are offering the chance to win a regional advertising campaign across the StreetReach format worth a minimum of £20,000. Essentially it all comes down to creativity – we want you to use the unique StreetReach format to design a campaign that will turn our judges’ heads.

The StreetReach format is regarded as Bus’ answer to a local noticeboard on wheels. It is the perfect format for brands who want to engage consumers in the heart of their communities and get them talking. 

Positioned at eye level, the StreetReach format acts like a moving shop front, reminding pedestrians of where to go as they hit their local communities. Their shape and location make short messages, slogans and website URLs the perfect fit to draw consumers in who can’t help but want to find out what they are about.

Did you know…?

  • In the past 24 hours, more people have seen advertising on a Bus than have visited a social networking site

  • 79% agree that Buses are welcomed by the community

  • 82% of urbanites notice advertising on Buses every week

  • 95% of StreetReach impacts are from pedestrians, placing your message directly into the heads of shoppers on the high street

(Sources: Touchpoints 5 and Route)

How to enter?

Firstly you will need to adhere to the design specifications for the StreetReach format found here.

Then the rest is up to you!

Be as creative as possible and remember: the StreetReach shape and location make short messages, slogans and website URLs the perfect fit.

Deadline for entries is the 30th April 2016 and these can be sent directly to along with your full contact details.

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