BSL Accessibility

In order to better serve website users who are deaf or hard of hearing, Exterion Media has decided to produce a series of BSL (British Sign Language) videos covering the key topics on our website.

There are approximately 9 million people in the UK who have hearing difficulties, 156,000 of these individuals use BSL to communicate. A gestural language, BSL is not related to any spoken language and in March 2003 it was recognised by the UK government as being a full independent language.

The videos were created in partnership with the charity Enhance the UK who as well as providing a translation service of content in to BSL videos also offer disability awareness training to organisations.

Videos can be triggered by clicking on the grey button that looks like this...

(VIEW PAGE IN BSL)VimeoId-129653266

Once clicked a video should open that looks something like this.


For more BSL content just visit one of the below pages and click on the button within the text. 

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