Young Urbanites are ready to celebrate Pride

Absolut Exterion Media Creative Solutions Pride

For Pride Month and ahead of the London Pride Parade in July, our award-winning team research team asked urbanites what they plan on doing to celebrate the LGBT community. 

While only 16% of all urbanites are aware of Pride Festival and plan to take part in the festivities, we found that younger age groups, 29% of 16-24-year-olds, are more likely to celebrate this year. In fact, one third of 16-34s and 13% of 35-54s are excited about the festivities, suggesting the younger generation are more invested in Pride celebrations than their older counterparts. 

We also found that Londoners are the most likely to be celebrate Pride this year, with almost a quarter of Londoners (24%) planning on celebrating and 32% planning to watch the London parade (followed by 15% attending Manchester’s parade).

78% of 16-34s are proud of how the UK comes together to celebrate Pride. This number is similarly high for Londoners (79%). 60% of urbanites agree they have noticed that an increasing number of people are getting involved in Pride Festival every year, rising to 74% of 16-34s.

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