We've hit 100 ad-effectiveness case studies!

100 ad-effectiveness case studies

We’re celebrating a milestone achievement this month. We’ve culminated 2 years’ worth of campaign effectiveness research across 30 brands and just recently added our 100th campaign case study to our online library!

Our case studies showcase the effectiveness of our formats in reaching wide-ranging audiences and driving key campaign metrics. The collection covers all types of campaigns in terms of size and objectives, across the full spectrum of our formats. Each case study is easy to download and offers clear evidence of the undeniable effectiveness of outdoor media.

An instrumental resource to our clients, Ross Wilson, Head of Insight at Rapport, said: “Global’s extensive library of ad-effectiveness case studies are invaluable to us at Rapport; helping to inform, educate and demonstrate to clients the effective role OOH can play in their media plans."

Our findings have helped a wide range of clients achieve various campaign objectives and has solidified their confidence in Out-of-Home. Kyrenia Blanshard Head of Marketing at ZPG, said: "We have seen a significant increase in prompted and spontaneous brand awareness since investing in OOH across London. This activity has helped transform Zoopla into one of London’s iconic brands.”

We’re delighted to have added our 100th case study to our extensive library. Make sure you check it out.

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