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We are delighted to have become part of the MINDFUL EMPLOYER Charter. 
Joining the Charter is in recognition of the huge amount of work we have achieved this year around Mental Health. We now have 276 employees Mental Health First Aid “Aware”, 36 fully qualified Mental Health First Aiders and 19 people trained in ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training). 

MINDFUL EMPLOYER offers easier access to information, local support, mental health training and other resources to help support our staff and business.


  1. By Employers, For Employers - MINDFUL EMPLOYER is led by employers and is for employers. It’s about increasing awareness of mental health, helping us deliver our business, providing support networks and information, and making it healthier to talk about mental health.

  2. Good Practices not Great Promises - MINDFUL EMPLOYER is concerned with helping us in recruiting and retaining valued and talented members of staff. It is completely voluntary and will support us as an employer to work towards putting our vision and values in to practice in ways which are sensible, achievable and realistic.

  3. Adapted and Adopted - We are the expert on our business. MINDFUL EMPLOYER will support us in adapting our policies, structure and culture, adopting them for the longer-term benefit of our staff.

  4. Safe People not Scary Places - People can feel uncomfortable about talking with their manager about a mental health condition. Attitudes are improving but mental ill health remains an area of fear and stigma for many. By being a MINDFUL EMPLOYER will demonstrate both internally and externally that we are willing to enable disclosure of mental ill health to take place without fear of rejection or prejudice.
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