Virtual reality extends the potential of Out-of-Home with Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go met the latest movie release of Nine Lives, in an experience that brought the movie release, Out-of-Home - and the virtual world to life.

Global, Lionsgate Theatrical Productions, Posterscope and lifestyle marketing agency MKTG, created an experience that integrated the latest trends in consumer culture – the virtual Pokémon Go world - with the launch of the Nine Lives movie.

The activation took place in a Pokémon Go hot-spot underneath Global’s premium large-format Four Dials screen at Westfield Stratford. Pokémon hunters arrived in multitudes, looking for their latest catch and participating in the experiential Out-of-Home activity on Saturday 23rd July.

Once arriving at the activation site, with Nine Lives branded Mr. Fuzzypants soft toys, movie popcorn and eye-catching Out-of-Home creative, participants were welcomed by brand ambassadors.

After catching their Pokémon, consumers could enter a competition by capturing a photo of their Pokémon with the Out-of-Home creative in the background and uploading their photo to Twitter with the hashtag #GOTTACATCHTHECAT

Over 2,000 consumers took part in the activity, with 100 people entering the competition, in an experience that was a fun day out for the whole family.

The determination to catch Pokémon was high, with some participants spending up to half an hour battling Pokémon in the square to win the prize!

Jason Cotterrell, Managing Director of Global UK said “It’s fantastic to see Lionsgate linking our premium large-format screen at Westfield Stratford to the experiential space underneath - shoppers in an active mind-set weren’t able to miss this brilliant campaign, and they also had the opportunity to catch a Pokémon too!”

Michael Scammell, Marketing, Lionsgate Theatrical Films said: “Pokémon has been on everyone’s lips this past week, and we wanted to stretch the boundaries to explore what this could mean for our OOH and experiential strategy.

“Combining the popular Pokémon game and its virtual world with the launch of Nine Lives provided an interactive experience for our consumers that allowed us to engage with them on a different level.”

Glen Wilson, Managing Director of Posterscope UK said: “This campaign takes location based marketing to a new level, leveraging the power of location and consumer trends, we have combined DOOH, experiential and the latest consumer mobile behaviour to make for a reactive element to this cinema release campaign.

“We don’t know how long Pokémon Go will remain a popular hit but we knew this weekend was the one to leverage its novelty in the UK. Combining the popularity of this new location-based craze with the reactive capabilities of DOOH, we customised our OOH space - branding the experiential space and adapting the screen copy to incorporate Pokémon-esque language.”


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