Urbanites love sports

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From watching Wimbledon and the Olympics to playing a game at their local club, urbanites love sports! Three in five (61%) urbanites are interested in sports, with 16% describing themselves as passionate sports fans. 

The most popular sports among urbanites are Football (42%), Tennis (28%) and Rugby (23%). However, males aged 25-44, the keenest sports fans, are more likely to be interested in Football (60%), Boxing (23%) and Cricket (23%). 

Not only does the urban audience love sports, they love watching live sports! Two thirds (66%) enjoy watching sporting events live (e.g. at a stadium) – rising to 75% among Londoners and 75% among men aged 25-44, but also 80% of Tube users. And 82% agree that sporting events are a great way to bring people together. 

When travelling to these sporting events, 1 in 3 football fans travelled by train, nearly 1 in 5 (18%) used London Underground, and nearly 1 in 5 (18%) used Buses

Lacoste domination ATP Finals North Greenwich

Not only do urbanites love sports and going to live sporting events, 66% say they enjoy a sporting event more if they place a bet on the outcome. 83% of those who have gambled in the last month agree that they like to gamble on specific sport events.

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