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There’s always a lot going on with our online research panel, work.shop.play. and so each month we’ve decided to write a blog on the latest research and findings, focusing on a different topic each time. This month we’ll be covering a few topics, giving you an update on recent work.shop.play. activities.

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You may be aware that one of the biggest sporting events of the year - the Rugby World Cup - is just around the corner. Fortunately, 55% of our work.shop.play. panelists consider themselves to be rugby fans, so we decided to ask their opinions on the fate of the English side. Turns out they’re not too hopeful! 96% think we won’t win, although reassuringly 49% think we’ll get as far as the quarter finals. Further findings from this research will soon be released, so stay tuned! 

The Rugby World Cup isn’t the only topic work.shop.play. members have been discussing this month.  We’re always looking for new ways to digest information and opinions from our members, so we’ve asked a selection to take part in keeping a video food diary of what they’ve had for lunch over the course of a week. The idea behind this is to monitor how people’s inspirations and behaviours change as the week goes on. We’re excited to see the results, and as soon as these have been collated, we’ll report back to you. 


We also asked our work.shop.players to tell us all about their social media habits. We know our urban community love to share their opinions via our surveys but we wondered whether they’d consider sharing them on something as public as social media. And they would! In fact, 74% said they think sharing things on social media is a great way to give your opinion, and 90% think social media is a great platform to raise awareness for a good cause. If you’re one of many people to use social media, then go ahead and follow @workshopplay.

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