Thinking outside the mall: Connecting the Westfield customer journey

Gavin Brice, UK Franchise Director

Westfield London new D6

It’s hard to believe that Westfield opened its first centre, Westfield London, here in London just 10 years ago. It’s become part of the fabric of the city; a significant contributor to the capital’s economy and extremely popular among Londoners and tourists alike. Whether it’s a trip to see the latest Marvel film at the cinema, a day out with the kids or last-minute Christmas shopping, Westfield has it all. 

Westfield continues to transform the face of retail; challenging the idea of a traditional shopping centre. It is a city destination, which people visit to shop, eat, exercise, watch films, and much more. These qualities, combined with the fact that it is easily accessible via public transport, present huge opportunities to monetise the connected journeys of the Westfield customer.

Westfield provides a great example of how connecting the dots between locations and journeys can help advertisers to engage with its affluent, cosmopolitan audience. Both Westfield London and Westfield Stratford City are intimately linked to public transport, setting them apart from out-of-town shopping centres of a similar size.

The accessibility of Westfield means its audience is unique. 62% of people travelling to Westfield London use Tube, bus or train. Within this, 23% of all journeys come from Bond Street or Oxford Circus and we understand Westfield’s catchment audience through our partnership with TfL. Combining advertising at Westfield with TfL’s rail network allows brands to maximise every opportunity to reach Westfield’s highly receptive audience.

Westfield is a destination that connects customers to experiences and passions. Visitors engage with an unrivalled mix of shopping, lifestyle, entertainment and dining, so advertisers need to consider it as so much more than just a shopping centre. It’s vision of transforming the face of retail through flagship assets that deliver great experiences for retailers, brands and consumers, has come to life here in London.

The visitor audience is therefore incredibly diverse. People are in the moment, embracing the many activities Westfield has to offer and looking to spend. As well as visiting with a specific product or shop in mind, people head to Westfield for a day out, meaning that they are much more receptive to different advertising messages and brand activations. In this enclosed, premium environment, the combination of high dwell time, audiences in an open frame of mind receptive to advertising and high spending power makes advertising at Westfield extremely powerful.

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