The urban audience is excited about Crossrail


Crossrail, England’s new 118-kilometre railway line under development, is the new high frequency, high capacity railway for London and the South East. When the service opens, Crossrail trains will travel from Maidenhead and Heathrow in the West to Shenfield and Abbey Wood in the East via new twin tunnels under central London.

Our Research Team asked the urban audience what they think about Crossrail, which will be completed in December. The overall sentiment is very optimistic, with 65% feeling positive about the development (increasing to 73% amongst frequent Tube users). This isn’t surprising, considering 7 out of 10 urbanites feel Crossrail will make it easier to get around London, opening up more opportunities to work, shop and play across the city. In fact, nearly 8 out of 10 think it will make it easier to travel in and out of the capital – broadening the reach of London and making it more accessible than ever. 

Interestingly, urbanites in the South are even more positive about the launch of Crossrail, illustrating how much this new development will have a positive impact on their lives. 34% of those in the South think that the launch of Crossrail will benefit their life as a whole (vs. 27% of all UK urbanites) and 52% say that Crossrail will improve their London experience (vs. 43% of all UK urbanites).


General usage - just getting from A to B - will be a big part of the way this audience use the new line as it will add an extra option to regular journeys across the city. Interestingly, over a third of frequent Tube users are excited about the prospect of using the line to get out of the city – showing that it’s just as much an important link to out of London, as it is into it.  

Those who are likely to use Crossrail to work are looking forward to shorter journeys and the ability to travel from further afield. In addition, many spoke about using the new line not just for getting to/ from work, but also travelling during the day to attend meetings – showing how it will be beneficial, not just for their commutes,  but also for their daily activities. Crossrail is also seen as a good alternative when there may be suspensions on other lines, providing more connections and helping to ease congestion on the London Underground.  

Those who are likely to shop will be using Crossrail to access some of the best shopping locations in London. Running through the retail heart of the capital – through Bond Street and Tottenham Court Road – it will also provide a link to Stratford. The urban audience are looking forward to having a quicker and easier route through the central shopping districts in London, and in particular are excited by the convenience this gives them in not having to change lines. Less time travelling and more time shopping means greater opportunities for urbanites to splash their hard-earned cash! 

Those looking to use Crossrail to play are excited by the opportunities it provides for them to get to bars, restaurants, the theatre and attractions in London – particularly in Soho and the East. The ability to be able to get out of the city more easily during the weekends is also a key benefit that the urban audience is looking forward to, opening up areas outside of the city as well as in it. Many also mentioned the ease and speed at which they’ll now be able to travel to Heathrow Airport, making the start and end of their holidays more simple and accessible. 

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