The Underground stage is set for the Heathrow v. Gatwick debate

They’re the two largest airports in the country, and if you’ve travelled on the London Underground recently you’ve almost certainly seen their expansion ‘show-down’ ads. For the last few weeks Heathrow’s ‘Taking Britain Further’ and Gatwick’s ‘Gatwick, Obviously’ campaigns have been armed with facts, figures and numerous supporters to convince the London traveller that they would be the best site for a new runway. 

With passengers spending on average 3 minutes waiting on the platform and 13 minutes inside the train, the Tube has proved the perfect stage for the expansion debate. Both sides have created a variety of colourful, eye-catching campaigns that make the most of this long dwell time, encouraging people to read, engage with, and ultimately get behind the campaigns’ arguments. 

So who will triumph at the end of the day? Whether you’re team Gatwick or team Heathrow, if you travel on the Underground keep an eye out for these posters and you’ll discover both sides of the debate.

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