The power of outdoor advertising at Christmas

At this time of year, Christmas TV advertising is often the number one priority, with big brands investing heavily to ensure their ads are the most compelling out there. However, the power of OOH to reach shoppers when they are ‘on location’ is a key reason for its importance at Christmas. 

Our own research showed that 56% of consumers use their local high street at Christmas and almost half of shoppers spend a great deal of time thinking about gift purchasing while on public transport. So while it’s true that more and more people are shopping online, there’s still a big opportunity for influencing impulse purchases and inspiring ideas when consumers are physically near their point of purchase.  

What’s more, it isn’t just TV ads that can pull at the heart strings at Christmas. Creative OOH advertising can evoke emotion and grab consumers’ attention during the festive season. For instance, Jack Daniel’s evocative Christmas outdoor ad with an image of Tennessee residents gathered around a ‘Barrel Christmas tree’ has the strapline ‘It’s not what’s under the tree that matters; it’s who’s around it’.

So when it comes to Christmas advertising, don’t just think about TV viewing figures. OOH can be an engaging, captivating, enduring and emotive. 

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