The future of transport

With most urbanites interested in technology updates and trends in some form, we asked them what they thought about the future of transport technology. Unsurprisingly, from payment methods to renewable/sustainable energy, urbanites are incredibly positive towards the future of transport technology

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Future transport concepts are intriguing to urbanites, with the majority excited about potential new systems becoming a reality. 66% of respondents believe that technological advancements will enhance how they travel around their cities, this rises to 4 in 5 Tube users. The majority are likely to think that newly launched transport services are more efficient than current alternatives. 

Additionally, respondents are largely excited about the prospect of these new transport launches - the most anticipated is the SkyTran (a self-driving, two-person pod suspended on a monorail) - with 83% of respondents excited about the possibility of the system becoming a reality, rising to 9 in 10 of Londoners

Looking into other modes of transport technology, 48% of Tube users think that automation (e.g. driverless cars) and robots have the greatest potential to improve urban living. This is followed by artificial intelligence (e.g. autopilot systems) at 35%, whereas 2 in 5 of those aged 16-34 think the Internet of Things (e.g. Amazon Alexa) have the greatest potential to improve urban living. 

In terms of payment, most urbanites tend to use either paper tickets or an Oyster card (pre-paid cards) to pay for travel (both 32%). However, in the future, the majority (64%) of respondents agree they are likely to use contactless payment in the next 10 years, followed by mobile payments (43%), contrasting with more alternative methods such as voice activation (6%). And lastly, 27% of respondents expect to use fingerprint recognition in future.

Lastly, urbanites are supportive of technological advancements which benefit their lifestyles and make their cities cleaner and greener by using renewable/sustainable energy, and believe that these advancements will impact their lives for the better. 87% feel positive about technological advancements that reduce pollution in their city, rising to 95% of Londoners. 

And when asked when they expect these technological advancements may affect their daily lives, and more specifically their travel habits, 61% expect to see changes in the next 5-20 years!

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