The benefits of OOH when cross-channel planning

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Channel Planner has released a practical guide to using Touchpoints 2017 in an effort to provide broad guidelines for cross-channel planning. The Touchpoints channel planner is used for optimising cross-channel campaigns and actively target multiple audiences. 

Some insights provided on OOH are about posting periods and DOOH. They say that, although a two-week posting period is the traditional campaign length, campaign KPI research indicates that lighter weights for longer are often more effective. Channel planner also reference the developments made in DOOH, and how the platform has become more advanced and an incredibly flexible medium for advertisers. With an ability to buy specific days of the week, dayparts and the incorporation of data, DOOH is the most dynamic, targeted and contextually relevant OOH platform. 

Channel Planner has also highlighted the strengths of OOH: 

Multi-format OOH exists virtually anywhere where consumers are out of their home. 

• It is a broadcast medium delivering high coverage at a low cost.

• Offers big, bold creative canvases

• This location based medium, allows for highly targeted campaigns in close proximity to point of sale. 

• Data is held at frame level (through Route) allowing flexibility when planning a campaign. 

• Delivers fast cover, especially in urban areas with a young, mobile and upmarket audience

• A diverse range of environments, each with a unique audience profile. 

DOOH across numerous environments and formats generates coverage and flexibility.

• DOOH allows both animated and dynamic/contextually relevant copy, crossed with data available, delivering a personalization at scale for advertisers. 

• Gives experiential campaigns amplification.

• OOH advertising has a clear synergy with mobile. Both are used when out and about and going online is the main response to OOH advertising. Additionally, mobile data is now being used to plan campaigns. Through tracking social media activity and the use of specific websites, we can identify geographical hotspots and use OOH frames to target these locations. 

• And lastly, DOOH can be interactive. Brands can create an active consumer experience where consumers can search, play or even buy through the use of touch screens.

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