Station domination: Making brands unmissable for fans

Artemis station domination at Twickenham station

Cast your mind back to the last time you went to your favourite sports, music or cultural event…  Now think about that feeling of excitement and anticipation as you made your way there.  If you’re like me, when your train pulled into its destination knowing you were touching distance from the venue, I imagine you started to feel consumed by the atmosphere, a feeling amplified by the sensation of being surrounded by fellow fans and followers.  Brand messaging that enhances these moments undoubtedly adds to this sense of excitement.

At Global we understand the power of sporting, music and cultural events, the importance these have with fans, and how they move people both physically and emotionally. We work with many brands aiming to align themselves to the positive experiences of fans at iconic calendar events across the country such as the BRITS and Glastonbury Festival, the Grand National and Royal Ascot, Farnborough Airshow and Chelsea Flower Show, the ATP Finals at the O2 and the FA Cup Final at Wembley.  These are events which attract tens, sometimes hundreds of thousands of fans – and through the benefit of “image transfer” brands that align with the fans’ experience at moments of heightened awareness benefit significantly from the fans’ passion for that event.

Brand partnerships have become entwined with our favourite cultural and sporting events. In many cases, brand activations and event-led campaigns contribute to the personality and vibrancy of the event itself.

One of the smartest ways for any brand to create an association with an event is through a “station domination” or the key Rail, Tram or Bus station shuttling the tens of thousands of fans to the venue itself.  Brands geographically connected to an event in this way are not just advertising to raise awareness, they are creating a cultural imprint for their brand in the minds of the attendees.  Importantly, station dominations allow brands to create this association with an event and gain access to its fans without the need for costly sponsorship and IP licences.

We have a unique network of travel hubs across the UK, many of which are on the doorstep of grand sporting and cultural venues.  We offer bespoke station dominations to fit the objectives of a brand, tailored to the assets a station has to hand.

Importantly, research has shown that audiences swept up in the excitement of an event are more likely to be responsive to brand advertising within that moment.  For instance, we found that our station dominations at Wimbledon and Southfields stations for the All England Club in 2018 contributed towards a positive reaction to the Wimbledon tennis tournament:

  • 97% of people that recalled the ads in both stations enjoyed the atmosphere created by the campaign.
  • Ad recall is incredible, with 90% of people who visited Wimbledon station recalling the campaign, with 87% who visited Southfields station saying the same.  
  • In addition, those that had recalled the station domination campaigns spent more at the Championships than those who did not, demonstrating that this strategy drives purchase.

Another study has suggested that brands which partner with an event for a number of years see a further enhanced benefit to their brand image and purchase intentions of returning fans, greater than those of one-off sponsors.

Artemis station domination at Twickenham station

A perfect example of this long-term association with an event is Artemis’s domination at Twickenham and Richmond stations during the Rugby Six Nations which is in its sixth year.

The Artemis station dominations utilise multiple existing and high-impact sites that tell a story to fans navigating their way to the stadium.  Owning these sites across many years allows Artemis to act as a familiar signpost for Six Nations fans, contributing to the excitement of the occasion for those travelling to and from the stations with tailored creative messages.

And if this approach wasn’t engaging enough, our experiential division Exterion Live has repeatedly helped brands deliver rewarding experiences for fans at calendar events, further enhancing their memories associated with that event. 

For over two decades our clients have recognised that station dominations on the doorsteps of key events are a valuable way of engaging with fans at scale and, after repeated association especially, can become part of the unmissable occasion itself.

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