Route 27 release gives new insight into our Bus and Digital products

Following the latest Route release (Route 27), we took a closer look at our Bus and Digital products and the impacts they deliver. Check out the great results!

Starbucks Global Creative Solutions Route 27 Research

As the main provider of Bus advertising nationwide, Global reaches 94% of the population every fortnight. Bus engages with audiences in major cities across the UK - 59% of all our total Bus impacts delivered outside of London. London Bus it is a prominent part of many Londoners' journeys throughout the day, with 95% of those that travel to work on the London Underground also reached by Bus. This demonstrates how brands can use multiple formats to broadcast a campaign and efficiently target specific audiences.

Micheal Kors Global Creative Solutions Route 27 Research

Many premium brands have advertised using our Bus formats - more recently, we’ve seen the likes of Tommy Hilfiger, Emporio Armani and Lacoste! Bus reaches 96% of the UK’s AB audience every fortnight, acting as the perfect canvas for brands to target that premium audience.

D12 London Underground TfL Digital Global

Our growing digital network has a strong presence within London, reaching 48% of the population every two weeks. Of this audience, 37% are light TV viewers -  a highly valuable group brands strive to reach. 

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