RESCUE Remedy® increases brand interaction and future consideration

Rescue Remedy TCP Case Study Research Exterion Media

RESCUE Remedy® RESCUE PLUS™ campaign successfully increased interaction and future consideration of their brand on National Rail and London Underground. 

Taking full advantage of our high dwell-time TCP (Tube Car Panel) and Cross-track products, Rescue Remedy challenged commuters to “Breathe in for as long as it takes to read this line. Breathe out for as a long as it takes to read this line” to aid stress relief. 

Of those who recalled the ads on multiple Tube and Rail formats, 82% have taken some action toward the brand in the past two weeks and 70% will consider buying Rescue Remedy in the next few weeks. 

Jen Kendall, Senior Brand Manager UK, said: “The challenge for Rescue was to cut through to London Underground customers who are always on the go. By using a combination of different formats and a creative that stood out, Rescue was able to punch through and increase awareness amongst our key audience. The juxtaposition of the sometimes hectic nature of the Underground and Rescue’s message centring on taking a moment, strengthened brand association and created a successful OOH campaign.”

To find out more about this successful campaign and how you can use our various OOH products to increase brand interaction and consideration, check out the full case study here

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