Radio goes Underground

Advertising a radio through a silent medium might seem surprising to some, but Radiocentre, the industry body for UK commercial radio has harnessed the power of Out-of-Home to promote their rebrand. (Radiocentre is made up of a policy team, an advertising team (formerly the RAB) and a clearance team (formerly the RACC).

Radiocentre DEP's

We’re pleased to see that Radiocentre has recognised the value of Out-of-Home and, with 87% of commuters welcoming advertising on the Underground*, we know that it is an ideal location for reaching an engaged and receptive audience.  

We know that Out-of-Home is a hugely complementary medium – in fact, recently we saw Lucozade synchronise Outdoor ads with radio spots, which clearly demonstrates how well radio and Out-of-Home can work together. 

Radiocentre DEP's

The brand has been strategic in its choice of locations, advertising on digital screens at central London stations around ‘media land’ such as Oxford Circus and Leicester Square, where most radio brands are located.  The bright creative has caught the eye of commuters, who have taken to social media to share the ads that they’ve spotted during their travels. 

Radiocentre’s CEO Siobhan Kenny says: “Reinforcing our messages about audio through striking visuals is proving very effective. We are delighted with the positive response to our ad”.

Find out more about advertising on the London Underground here

*According to Work.Shop.Play.

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