The Prince's Trust celebrates its 40th birthday with hard-hitting London Underground Campaign

The Prince’s Trust, the charity that helps struggling young people turn their lives around, is running a campaign in celebration of its 40th anniversary across Global’s London Underground assets.

The campaign represents the ‘Parallel Lives’ of the 825,000 young people the charity has helped over the last 40 years; depicting the very different lives these young people could have lived had it not been for the amazing support they received from The Prince’s Trust helping them into work, education or training.  

The campaign thanks each and every person who has helped to transform young lives through the Trust and is positioned in numerous cross-track 48-sheet locations across the London Underground network for maximum awareness. 

Global is proud to be able to provide such extensive awareness of important causes such as The Prince’s Trust and their 40 years of dedication towards the greater good. This high-impact and hard-hitting campaign across our assets reminds urbanites that every young person should have the chance to succeed, and together we can help those who need it!

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