Netflix causes a stir with their latest Creative Solution campaigns on London Underground

Netflix have harnessed the power of Creative Solutions through our partnership with TfL, Hello London. They teased passengers with a Stranger Things series 2 domination at Oxford Circus and a haunting Old Street domination for the latest season of Black Mirror.

Global Stranger Things Netflix Station Domination

Back in October, the spooky Stranger Things campaign for series 2 was executed at Oxford Circus - just in time for Halloween. The creepy creative received lots of attention, as it wrapped around the station halls and even crept into the Underground roundel. Our D6 screens merged into the creative with teaser scenes from the upcoming series and informed passers-by that the series was available on Netflix. 

Global Netflix Black Mirror Station domination

Netflix’s campaign at Old Street was also a huge success, making commuters double take - even those who weren’t already huge fans of the Black Mirror series. The creative hinted at various storylines in the newly released episodes, and included eerie slogans, such as "the worse is yet to come" and "tech startup turning dead ones into chatbots". The cryptic phrases and bold style grabbed the attention of Tube users, driving them to share their interest on social media.

This campaign was planned and booked with Global through Wavemaker and Kinetic.

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