London's forgotten Tube stations

We’ve all heard the tale: after a long day at the office, one weary London Underground commuter, nose-deep in the Evening Standard, absent-mindedly steps off at a station without checking where he is. After noting how eerily quiet the platform is, he discovers that there’s no way out. The exits have been boarded up: he’s accidentally arrived at one of London’s ghost stations.

As fictional as this classic urban myth is likely to be, the fact remains that over 40 very real former Tube stations lie abandoned beneath London’s streets today.

With their subterranean locations keeping relics of the past permanently hidden from public view, these untouched monuments to bygone eras in the capital never fail to fascinate Londoners and visitors alike. Despite this, plans are now afoot to open up some of these forgotten locations to become tourist attractions, shops, museums and even hotels.

Although the most iconic locations will remain untouched, we’re excited to see the kind of projects that could breathe new life into some of the quirkier networks of tunnels under the city, adding another edge to London’s list of attractions. Read more about the fascinating afterlife of subway stations in London and around the world with this piece from The Guardian.

Image credit: David Jones on Flickr

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