London the worlds most influential city

It’s official: London is the most influential city on Earth, according to Forbes’

2014 World’s Most Influential Cities report.

As a well-established global financial centre with a friendly regulatory system for business and an enviable transport infrastructure, our capital trumped other global cities including New York, Paris and rapid ‘up-and-comers’ like Dubai.

Crucially, the report also refers to London’s status as a “powerful media hub and major advertising centre” as a key factor in its continued dominance on the global stage, and of course, we couldn’t agree more. Whether on buses, the Tube, in shopping centres or any of the myriad other formats available to brands across the city, London has long been a pioneer in advertising that truly understands local audiences and engages with them – wherever they are. 

You can read more of the report’s conclusions on London and other global high-ranking cities here.

Image credit: Simon & His Camera on Flickr

London underground solus commuter inforgraphic

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