London commuters share their love stories with Warner Bros' DOOH campaign

How to be single campaign

Partnering with the Metro, Warner Bros has launched a strategic Digital Out-of-Home campaign with Global to promote its film release of ‘How to Be Single’, which hits UK cinemas on 19th February.  

Complementing the premise of the film, commuters are being encouraged to tweet or text in their ‘single stories’, along with the hashtag #HowToBeSingle, for a chance to win a trip to New York.  

A selection of the best stories are being showcased during the morning commute on Global’s Digital Escalator Panels, the perfect chance for commuters to see if they made the screen! 

Tweets selected include, “Fourth date with a guy called Tom and I accidentally called him John, the name of his fit housemate. No fifth date for me. #HowToBeSingle” and “Seeing a guy. Accidently leant on my phone while texting him one night & sent him a 9-second voice message of me breathing. #HowToBeSingle”.   

Dubbed the ‘Single’s Carriage’, the campaign has also dominated an entire Tube carriage on the London Underground Northern line resulting in commuters being immersed in the promotion. 

Planned and booked by PHD and Kinetic, the campaign is also running across London buses.

How to be single campaign

How to be single campaign

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