Introducing EM Solutions – A new structure designed around you.

Mobile, technology and digital is constantly challenging the advertising industry so we’ve been busy reorganising the structure within Global to ensure we’re at the forefront of these developments. EM Solutions is part of a wholesale restructure of our UK business and will look to further embrace digitalisation by putting customers first, with an increased focus on insights and tools so that people can get the most out of advertising. 

EM Solutions will be organised into three teams focusing on specific customer needs. EM Local and EM National will support day-to-day sales activity, customer service and audience insight across the UK. This will then be supported by EM Future, a team dedicated to forward planning, strategic thinking and innovation. EM Future will keep Global ahead of the game using tools such as and the London Worker Planning Tool to help solve business problems and deliver smart media solutions.

“We’ve listened to our customers, reorganised around their needs and intend to provide a more solutions-based approach for the market to enable agencies, specialists and planners to get the most out of our medium” said Jason Cotterrell, UK Managing Director, Global.

We want to play on our key strengths, such as size, unique assets and internal talent, so that EM Solutions can allow the business to operate more intellectually with our team. By placing customers at the centre, we create a solid foundation which enables Global’s business to grow, respond and adapt faster to the ever-changing media landscape.

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