Insights reveal urbanites intend to splash out on Christmas this year

Paco Rabanne RT

Research from Global’s award-winning consumer panel, has revealed that over a quarter of urbanites think they’ll be spending more on Christmas this year, than they did last year! For the urban audience, Christmas is a time best spent with friends and family, and a time to show love and appreciation through gift-giving and taking part in familiar festive traditions.

Over half (52%) of the urban audience say they socialise more with friends during the Christmas season than at other times of the year. Our panel revealed that at Christmas time, consumers will find every opportunity to spoil friends and family and look for gift inspiration! This year, consumers are planning to get stuck into the Christmas spirit – 66% are intending to buy Christmas themed food and drink, 64% making sure there will be Christmas crackers at the dinner table and 54% will visit a Christmas market this season.

Seeking festive inspiration to save them time

Results from our survey also highlighted that advertising becomes particularly useful during the festive season, with 52% turning to ads for gift inspiration!

85% said they were on the lookout for ideas when Christmas shopping, with 35% finding themselves hunting for the perfect gift on their mobiles in-between journeys and during their commute! This was more common amongst younger urbanites, where this trend increased to 57% for consumers ages 16-34! ‘Secret Santa’ was a common activity for our urbanites (31%) with this increasing to 45% for consumers in London.

The survey also gave us a glimpse into the types of gifts being purchased for friends and family this year! 59% were planning to buy clothing, footwear, food and accessories as gifts, whilst 56% were looking to give books and 49% alcohol!

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