How about a doughnut to brighten up your commute home?

We teamed up with Shopwave and Crosstown Doughnuts to offer commuters live promotions through our advertising screens in Piccadilly Circus. The real-time promotions on our LCD screens drove a 150% increase in deal transactions across a two-week period. 

At quieter times, staff at the Crosstown Doughnut’s West End pop-up shop were able to use Shopwave’s Point of Sale software (EPOS) to offer a coffee and doughnut deal to the screens in and around the station, allowing for greater flexibility and more dynamic messaging. 

“We were the first OOH media owner to exploit the power of digital and our partnership with Shopwave is another example of our pioneering work in this area” said Jason Cotterrell, managing director UK, Global. 

“Being able to use one system that delivers a simple way to drive footfall to stores through digital screens is a ground-breaking concept for retailers” added JP Then, co-founder of Crosstown Doughnuts.

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