Global's star bakers serve up a true show-stopper for Comic Relief

On Thursday last week, media agency the7Stars hosted its annual Comic Relief Bake Off, challenging the media world to create cakes and bakes that Mary Berry would be proud of. 

Global pulled out all the ‘stops’ with a London transport masterpiece. The show-stopping bake featured a New Bus for London and London Underground train complete with a cross-track 48-sheet sporting a Comic Relief ‘poster’.

The competition was fierce, with bakes representing up-to-the-minute news stories such as the infamous blue/black or gold/white dress, but Global’s creation impressed the judges and scooped second prize. Clear Channel’s Peter Andre torso cake was awarded the top prize.

The Bake Off raised over £2,000 for Comic Relief, showing that the competitive spirit in the media industry can be used to great effect!

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