Global support Catch the Bus Week

Now in its fifth year, Catch the Bus Week is our chance to celebrate the bus and open more people’s eyes to the benefits of bus travel. By demonstrating that bus is for everyone and helping them to understand how buses can help tackle problems like air pollution and congestion, Catch the Bus Week aims to boost passenger numbers and ultimately prompt long-term behavioural change.
We’ll be promoting Catch the Bus Week 2017 via our own channels - through Twitter, Facebook and newsletters - using the hashtag #CTBW

Want to get involved?

Easy! Catch the bus during the campaign and tell us about it! You can email, tweet or send Facebook photos of you travelling by bus. 

  • Challenge your clients, colleagues, friends and your community to switch a car journey to a bus journey during Catch the Bus Week.

  • Run your own Catch the Bus Week campaign with a special promotion, competition or live event.
Finally if you have a great idea about how to promote Catch the Bus Week 2017 that we haven’t mentioned here, please get in touch and tell us all about it We’d love to support and promote your activity, so let us know what you’re planning and send us any pictures or information during the week so that we can spread the word!

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