Global and SAP blend Out-of-Home with mobile to target business commuters

Remaining at the forefront of new thinking in Out-of-Home, Global have deployed a sophisticated and targeted, campaign across London Underground for SAP; the world’s market leader in enterprise application software.

The campaign, planned by PHD and Talon, which involved Tube car panels and DEP’s was enhanced by the mobile geo-targeting capabilities of Weve; the mobile company that can ring-fence a location and deliver mobile advertising and SMS messages to a desired audience. In this case, SAP wanted to effectively target SME business decision makers during their commute within key London business districts and ultimately drive them to their campaign landing page. 

Our award-winning consumer panel discovered that London has the highest penetration of smartphones in the UK at a massive 94% which formed part of the foundations for this leading-edge campaign.

For 2 weeks in July, numerous ‘geo-fences’ were subsequently set up around the London Underground to serve mobile display messages to commuters as they entered the advertising ‘zones’. Global’s unique assets across London Underground were the perfect Out-of-Home platforms for reaching a high-value commuting audience at scale, strengthened by the smart use of mobile tech from Weve.

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