Global Live: the journey so far and what’s in store this 2019

Netflix Altered Carbon Experiential Campaign by Exterion Live

Authored by Richard Simkins, Creative Solutions Director

Exterion Live was created with an ambition to scale, simplify and realise experiential campaigns for our clients and franchise partners - to connect brands with consumers one journey at a time.  2018 was our first full year in operation and what a year it has been!

Our unique availability and booking portal Exterion.Live now has over 550 experiential spaces across 40 UK towns and cities – and these numbers are set to grow in 2019.   This has benefited over 60 different brands and helped us deliver over 450 campaigns for our clients this year. 

From sampling to stunts, here’s a snapshot of some of our favourite campaigns of the year Exterion Live has helped deliver:

And there’s certainly more to come! We’re investing resource to onboard a further 44 train stations nationwide, which will give brands further access to 27 new towns and cities across the UK.  We’re also in discussions with several new landlords, which will hopefully mean new and exciting spaces brand can utilise within our Exterion Live portfolio soon. 

Sounds good doesn’t it? Well we’re expanding and investing in our team so you can come along for the ride

So, what can we expect from the experiential marketing world in 2019?

Expect to see more FMCG brands scaling up their sampling campaigns into new towns and cities, and connecting the activity to their wider Out-of-Home (OOH) and other media channel comms.  Sampling is a tried and tested, simple but powerful way for brands to connect with consumers.

For instance, in August 2018 Brioche Pasquier, the French pastries brand, ran an OOH campaign that included London Underground 6-sheets and sampling outside Kings Cross St. Pancras station from a branded cart. Our research showed the campaign was highly effective at influencing action towards and future consideration of Brioche Pasquier products. The results are strong:

  • 17% of London Tube users recalled the sample cart element of the Exterion Live campaign
  • 91% of London Tube users who recalled the sampling took action towards Brioche Pasquier during the campaign in some way
  • 78% of London Tube users who recalled the sampling were likely to purchase Brioche Pasquier products over the next few weeks

El Briche Pasquier Experiential Campaign by Exterion Live

As we expand our data intelligence platforms, Exterion Live will be applying even more insights to the planning of our clients’ campaigns – enabling us to identify where, when and how to best engage our audiences on the move.

Virtual Reality (VR) experiences have yet to truly take hold in experiential (albeit still popular in private events and exhibitions); this is possibly because they are too private and disengaging from the environment. However, as the adoption of the technologies AR Core and AR Kit grows, we expect to see the emergence of more Augmented Reality campaigns in experiential marketing.  There are now 41 Android devices compatible with AR Core and 10 Apple devices compatible with the sister technology AR Kit on the Apple platform, meaning high-quality, high-engagement, and importantly shared experiences will be easier and cheaper to develop than ever before.

There’s an exciting year ahead for experiential marketing and the team here at Exterion Live. If you’d like find out more about experiential advertising, check out our Exterion Live page or contact the team: 08008085619.

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