Earth Day 2018

Celebrated worldwide on 22nd April every year since 1970, Earth Day is held in support of environmental protection across more than 193 countries. This year is dedicated to plastic pollution, the effects it’s having on marine life and how changing human attitude and behaviour can improve this.

At Global, we’re continuing to make many changes to reduce our environmental impact and have recently been awarded for our efforts with Planet Mark and Green Apple awards. Here’s how we’re supporting Earth Day 2018:

Global - Planet Mark award
  • We’ve designed a canvas bag for our fixers to use instead of plastic bags (of which we use around 90,000 a year).

  • We’re giving all our employees non-disposable bottles and encouraging them to ditch plastic bottled water.

  • We’re reducing the plastic packaging we use for employee breakfasts (e.g. butter, jam etc.)

Through these initiatives, and others in the future, we will be substantially reducing our environmental impact and improving our sustainability as a business. You can find out more about Earth Day 2018 here.

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