Culture Vultures: the Out-of-Home opportunity for live arts

Culture Vultures research

At Global, we are proud to hold the UK arts close to our hearts and our latest Culture Vultures research, sourced from our award-winning panel of the UK’s urbanites, reveals the latest insight into people’s attitudes towards the arts industry.

Our data shows that interest in live arts (theatre productions, music concerts etc) is still flourishing.

  • 70 per cent of urbanites state that home entertainment is not replacing visits to arts venues and that it’s still an important pastime.

More urbanites plan to visit arts venues this year than in 2018:

  • 80 per cent admitted that they were planning to visit more arts venues than before.
  • 72 per cent said that they liked to be reminded of events, shows and exhibitions by ads whilst out.

Not only does interest in visiting arts venues remain high in 2019, but Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising for these attractions is welcomed and used by audiences. OOH brings events to the forefront of consumer attention. Whether using traditional or digital formats, the creative opportunities with OOH offers brands unique ways to engage with a consumer audience, prompting them to take action.

After all, posters for arts and cultural events have always added colour to the streets of London and are part of the very fabric of the city.

  • An enormous 70 per cent of urbanites have admitted to booking themselves a ticket after having seen a poster advertisement.
Culture Vultures research

 Our latest Commuter Commerce research shows the extent to which consumers are contributing towards the UK economy whilst shopping via smartphone when commuting. We found that:

  • Commuters shopping on smartphones when commuting contribute £22.8 billion a year to the UK economy.

  • 70 per cent of these commuters were driven to make an online purchase as a direct result of an OOH advert.

The results of our research also indicate that consumer visits to cultural sites and venues aren’t always planned, offering advertisers the opportunity to reach audiences when they are actively looking for inspiration while out and about.

  • 81 per cent of urbanites have spontaneously visited a gallery or museum during a day trip.

For brands, OOH advertising provides an opportunity to reach an engaged, receptive consumer audience whilst on the move in captive transport environments. It gives them the chance to tap into and fuel spontaneity welcomed by consumers.

Once aware, these consumers have been proven to take action whilst commuting, fuelling online purchases, including sales for arts events, culture organisations and brands.

  • 4.3 million public transport commuters exposed to bus ads, 1.7 million train commuters and 1.4 million Underground/subway commuters buy tickets to events when on their commute.
  • Their average spends are £24, £30 and £29 respectively, meaning train and bus carriages have become the new box office.

With 79 per cent of public transport commuters admitting that OOH ads have influenced a purchase on their smartphones when commuting, the power of OOH to drive sales in the arts is undeniable.

Our latest Culture Vulture study results prove the arts to be an important attraction for British urbanites across the country. In order to engage with this extensive, highly receptive audience brands must look to use intuitive OOH advertising to reach consumers whilst ‘out and about’ and on their travels across public transport networks.

For further information on our Culture Vultures research click here.

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