Creative Solutions Wrapped Up - March 2019

It’s been an outstanding year already for our busy Creative Solutions team who have been delivering distinctive and memorable campaigns across all our environments. With access to the most unique and valuable transport estates in the UK, our Creative Solutions enable brands to enhance their campaigns and maximise the impact of their message through creativity.

In recent months we’ve worked with dozens of brands from every category type. Take a look below for some of the highlights:

Clinique – Digital Wrapped Bus

Clinique targeted Londoners on our Digital Wrapped Buses to promote the launch of their newest “custom blend” moisturiser Clinique iD. The contextual, geo-targeted messaging used on the screens within the high-impact bus wraps helped increase engagement with audiences across London. With Bus commuters shopping more for health & beauty products (Commuter Commerce) we are certain these Wrapped Buses helped drive people to stores to trial the new range.

Clinique CS

Artemis – 6 Nations Station Sponsorship

We’re delighted to be working with Artemis again for the domination of Richmond and Twickenham stations during the 6 Nations Rugby Championships. With such an anticipated event drawing in large numbers of Rugby fans to each game, Artemis have once again capitalised on our Creative Solutions opportunities to increase their brand fame during this event. The story of the “hunter” has been sure to pique interest of many passing through the domination.

Artemis CS

Vans – Oxford Circus 5 Ways

Oxford Circus is a key station for targeting shoppers heading to one of the busiest shopping streets in Europe. Not only did Vans capitalise on this with a bright and capturing domination, but they even managed to make some Tube users think that the floor was spongy. Their “keep it comfy” creative really did the job with floor vinyls looking that comfortable!

Vans CS

IKEA – North Greenwich Station Domination

North Greenwich is known for being the gateway to the O2 stadium in London, and now it’s also known for its new IKEA store! This station domination was impossible-to-miss for the million people passing through during the campaign, aiming to drive people towards the store and shout about its impressive sustainability credentials.

Ikea CS

Aussie Hair Care & Adidas - Wonderwall

Wonderwalls are a perfect creative canvas for brands wanting to engage audiences on the London Underground with a combination of our Cross Track 48-sheets, both Digital and Classic. Our full-motion, digital products are 4x more engaging than static (Engagement Zone 2.0) ensuring that campaigns on this format are truly engaging.

We loved Aussie Hair Care’s witty and contextually relevant creative across this platform domination, which was sure to have made commuters smile.

Adidas were the most recent brand to take advantage of a Wonderwall, grabbing the attention of commuters with bold messaging to promote their newest trainers.

Aussie CS

Adidas CS

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