Consumer trust for Out-of-Home is streets ahead of online and print

Good news for Out-Of-Home advertisers: new research shows that the medium is amongst the most trusted and is one of the most memorable formats for consumers.

Exterion Media Bus Advertising Coke Zero

The survey conducted by FEPE International, found that 24% of consumers rated Out-Of-Home as the most trusted medium, ahead of press (22%) and online (3%). Meanwhile, 34% of those surveyed stated that they believed Out-Of-Home ads to be the most memorable, with press (7%) and online (4%) trailing behind for ad recall.

Following the launch of the NFC-enabled iPhone 6 last week, it’s also particularly interesting to see that consumers consistently show a strong desire to interact with Out-Of-Home through their smartphones or with touchscreen ads. The use of mobile is really starting to increase the impact of OOH and drive instant response from passers-by – but the onus is still on brands to deliver ads that appear to be tailored and locally relevant.

You can read more about the survey results here.

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