Campaigns of the Month - July

This July we’ve seen some fantastic campaigns brightening up streets and stations across the UK. We thought that we’d take a minute to highlight a few, and explain why we’ve chosen them as our Campaigns of the Month. Keep a lookout for next month's edition!

Adidas: We think that Adidas has used London Underground advertising to its full potential with this Chaos campaign. Dominating the entrance to Oxford Circus Tube station the campaign is unmissable, enabling Adidas to reach each and every user of this Underground station and inspire their future purchases.  

Barclays BPay: With all of London’s hustle and bustle, it’s important for brands to stand out amongst the crowds. We think the BPay wrapped buses from Barclays bank does just this! The bright purple colour is sure to catch people’s attention, along with the catchy tagline, ‘wear it, clip it, stick it ‘. 

HomeSense: People shopping on the high street in Manchester will no doubt have spotted these travelling couches by HomeSense and wished they could put their feet up to relax. This campaign illustrates how brands can dominate an entire bus by wrapping it with their own unique design. 

Pandora: This stunning digiwall at Oxford Circus Tube station showcases Pandora’s brand and products whilst also adding beauty and sophistication to the Underground station. Passers-by will have shopping on the mind, so this is an ideal location for standing out with a memorable creative like this. 

Stowford Press Cider: H. Weston & Sons Limited has brightened up St John’s Wood station with its Stowford Press cider campaign. It dominates the whole station and makes us feel summery, even whilst we’re travelling underground!

HPVWise: This bright interactive campaign at Westfield London encourages 12 – 17 year old girls to take a personality test on our digital Pods to find out what type of girls they are. The overarching message is to ‘be a healthy girl’, raising awareness of HPVWise and the important work Sanofi Pasteur MSD does in this area. It’s a great example of a fun campaign with a powerful message. 

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