All Eyes on Bristol

This year to highlight the great advertising opportunities we offer across the UK, we’ll be celebrating some of the best loved cities, starting with Bristol – crowned one of the ‘coolest’ cities in the world.

Bristol remains a popular tourist destination with top attractions such as; Bristol Zoo, We the Curious, Bristol Aquarium, The Wild Place Project and Aerospace Bristol.  

1 in 3 Bristol commuters are aged 15-34 [Experian], with our Bus and Rail environments reaching this varied and vibrant audience. 50% of commuters in Bristol also see advertising on First West of England buses every week, an audience not to be missed [source: TGI, Q2, 2018]

First West of England, Bristol’s largest Bus fleet, provided journeys for over 42m passengers last year, a 6.2% growth from the previous year. [First West Buses]

Mega Rear Bristol

Great Western Railway (GWR) manages numerous lines and covers key stations, including Bristol Parkway which sees 3.2m interchanging passengers yearly [GWR]

Bristol Parkway_RT

Deliver matchless coverage and high-frequency throughout this valuable, growing metropolis and contribute to the transport networks that keep the city moving.

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