A look back at 2018

It’s been an accomplished year for Global with the promise of an exciting 2019 ahead.

We’ve developed and transformed our full-motion estate successfully launching D12s, expanding our DX3 network to 90 screens and upgrading our D6 network across London Underground. We saw some standout campaigns from a range of brands across our Digital network…


Sony Pictures brought to life Venom’s movie trailer at Oxford Circus capitalising on our Creative Solutions and full-motion offering

Euronews broadcasting on London Underground DX3 panels - Global

Along with TfL, we brought news broadcasting to London Underground with a Euronews partnership

Emirates Airlines D6s at Edinburgh Haymarket

Emirates took advantage of our D6s in Edinburgh Haymarket to showcase their world-class service

Not only did our Digital products flourish last year, but so did Bus! From T-Sides to Twinklies, our national offering continues to turn heads across the UK - approximately 94% of the population every fortnight.

It was a year of innovation and creativity for Bus. One example being Absolut’s Digital Wrapped Bus that allowed passengers to donate to the LGBT equality charity, Stonewall, by tapping their smartphones on the back of seats, which had NFC chips built into them. More recently, our New Routemaster (NRM) Wrapped Buses reached an impressive milestone. Throughout the year, this iconic product decorated high streets with an array of different brands and designs. So much so, eBay recently became the brand to deliver the 1000th Wrapped Bus creative!

Absolut Digital Wrapped Bus
eBay NRM Wrapped Bus with Twinklies

From sampling to stunts, Exterion Live helped deliver some truly captivating campaigns and celebrated it’s 1st birthday! You can read more about Exterion Live's journey so far and what's in store for 2019, here.

Netflix Altered Carbon Hologram at Canary Wharf

Netflix's holographic installation at Canary Wharf to promote their latest series, Altered Carbon

IKEA experiential waiting room at Exeter St David's

Waiting rooms at Exeter St David's and Exeter Central station were transformed in to a fully-furnished meditation area, to promote the new IKEA Exeter store opening

Joanna Lumley Fuze Tea experiential on GWR

Passengers onboard a GWR service were pleasantly surprised to be joined by Joanna Lumley as a part of Fuze Tea's one-day brand activation

The multiple awards that we have won, and the nominations we have since received, are testament to the exceptional team at Global as well as the strong relationships we have built with our advertisers, franchise partners and suppliers. A prime example of this being Pernod Ricard UK’s multi-sensory campaign for Beefeater Pink gin which included strawberry scented posters, truly immersing customers in the brand experience at Oxford Circus Underground station.


 Mediaweek Bronze Award winner

Awards from 2018 at Global

New challenges and opportunities lie ahead for Global in 2019. Keep an eye out for our ‘Battle of the Bus’ competition, our Power of Movement roadshows and the launch of our Digital Ribbons coming soon to kick start an exciting year.

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