5 Out-of-Home targeting tips for fashion and beauty brands

H&M 5 Ways Domination Oxford Circus Exterion Media March 2017

When it comes to Out-of-Home (OOH), fashion and beauty brands can plan their campaigns using increasingly smart ways of targeting the right consumers. At Exterion Media, we’re all about understanding and engaging audiences, and we have the tools to delve deeper into key audiences and have the technologies to target them best.   

1. Use data

In 2016, Timberland harnessed the power of data to deploy a digital dynamic OOH campaign using Exterion Media’s products targeting ‘Outdoor Lifestylers’ across the UK. The digital campaign, across screens in transport hubs and high-footfall retail environments, showcased creative that dynamically updated to deliver targeted and inspiring content. The campaign not only highlighted local places of interest and proximity to store information, but also distance in steps and metres, estimated walking time and even calories burned! 

Timberland made smart use of data to weave interest in the outdoors into their messaging, targeting consumers in locations where they were likely to be found. 

2. Use dynamic targeting

Technology and digitisation in OOH brings with it a host of new opportunities to be innovative with campaigns. Last year, Elizabeth Arden deployed a campaign at Oxford Circus that comprised of pollution-activated digital panels – which responded to real-time pollution data pinpointed to the Oxford Circus location. Facts about the damage this pollution can do to commuters’ skin in the Big Smoke accompanied the live readings in order to encourage those passing by to use Elizabeth Arden products to 'Outsmart the City'. 

3. Know your marketing calendar 

Taking into consideration seasons, holidays and traditions can be an easy win in terms of targeting consumers with relevant messaging. Our award-winning work.shop.play. insight community provides us with a unique glimpse into the lives and behaviours of the urban audience. The panel revealed that the younger 16-24 audience is likely to splash out on new cosmetics and beauty products, with 57% of the urban audience saying they tend to spend more on clothes straight after pay day. 

There’s big opportunity for fashion and beauty advertisers to capitalise on this ‘treat yourself’ mentality around pay day - and even to influence pay day purchasing decisions during the weeks prior. 

4. Knowing your audience – using insights 

It pays to use insights! Through delving deeper into key audiences, understanding how urbanites spend on their clothing, accessories and beauty purchases, brands can capitalise on some key trends within the market of the moment. 

Using a huge variety of resources, urbanites make the most of the tools available to them to help them keep up to date with the latest trends. The primary inspiration sources for urbanites when looking for the latest in new fashion and beauty trends are things they see whilst out and about, and on the high street. It’s imperative that brands make sure their presence is felt and recognised in these Out-of-Home locations, (particularly as they are more likely to make spur of the moment fashion and beauty purchase decisions whilst on the move). This is even more important in the Capital, where urbanites are more time poor and harder to reach.

5. Learn from the experts

Working collaboratively with our clients in the fashion and beauty industry, we’ve developed some beautifully creative, imaginative and dynamic campaigns that have captured the attention of the urban audience, helping them to navigate their purchase decisions and drive their purchase journeys. Check out our gallery of great fashion and beauty Out-of-Home campaigns for inspiration. 

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