Global launches new Destination Retail London network

Authored by Andrea Marsh, Product Strategy Director.

At Global we process over ten million lines of journeys every week from contactless and Oyster taps in and tap out data. This data paints an incredible picture of how people move around the City. There are many reasons for visiting central London, one of which is, of course, shopping. And we’ve just launched a new data-driven offering to target impulse shoppers, by pulling together insight from our data touchpoints that shows us exactly when and how people shop.

In an industry first, our Destination Retail network makes this insight available to brands and advertisers, revealing how journeys are made across the London Underground. It not only combines data on exit routes at the major shopping areas and key retail stations, but also the feeder stations where people are starting their journey to get to the stores and back, often a quick “grab-and-go” style at lunchtime.

The London Shopper

Londoners behave differently to the average consumer, weaving big purchases into their day-to-day working life. Over half (61 per cent) of shoppers spend £50 or more, on non-grocery items, during the week, with lunchtime appearing to be peak purchasing hours (source: Touchpoints 2017).

Exterion launches new Destination Retail London Network

Through our partnership with Transport for London (TfL), we know that Londoners are making short journeys during their working day on the underground to access London’s iconic shopping destinations such as Oxford Street, Kings Road and Regent Street, meaning that the London Underground is the ideal space for retail brands to be advertising to their customers, to drive footfall.  

The journey is the destination

Our new Destination Retail Network provides an opportunity for brands to capture the attention of consumers while on the move and already in the mind set to shop. Not only can we reveal the most lucrative shopping stations, we also know the most popular ‘feeder’ stations on the network. Brands can cleverly and easily target shoppers from the beginning to the end of their journey. Some stations are exceptionally primed for this audience as both feeder and destination stations – for example, Oxford Circus, Canary Wharf, and St Pauls.

Exterion launches new Destination Retail London Network

We know that 70 per cent of commuters make a purchase as a result of seeing an OOH advert whilst out and about, and 23 per cent are reminded that they needed to buy certain products having seen specific ads. This shows that brands should not only be advertising in proximity to their retail stores, but should activating across the whole of a commuter’s journey. 

We reach a young and affluent audience

When targeting a young ABC1 London audience, advertisers naturally look at social platforms and lifestyle media, such as consumer magazines, to try and engage them. However, when you compare the reach of these channels with London Underground, the Tube has almost double the impact. It can reach 83 per cent of ABC1 18-45 Londoners as opposed Instagram, which reaches 43 percent, and lifestyle titles such as Grazia, Stylist, Vogue and Marie Claire that reach only 16 per cent. (source: Touchpoints 2017).

Exterion launches new Destination Retail London Network

This insight offers enormous opportunities for brands to be bold in creative OOH advertising. In an article for Mediatel, I’ve talked about the power of full motion creative, and there are a number of digital solutions that Exterion offer, such as our new Digital Ribbons as well as over 1000 other digital screens across the estate. 

Underground and Overground activation

It is also important to recognise the power of bus in delivering impact and driving action. London buses are constantly moving and dwelling in the busiest retail locations and therefore provide another means of communicating a brand’s message. There are multiple formats advertisers can use on the London bus network, from T-Sides to fully-wrapped Routemasters. Combining bus advertising with digital on the London Underground, gives advertisers the opportunity to engage with potential customers from the beginning of their journey: through their travel on the tube at the stations they exit from, and then to the actual high streets where they are already inclined to make a purchase.

Exterion launches new Destination Retail London Network

OOH advertising in London provides a myriad of opportunities for brands to engage with their target consumers and drive retail performance. The transport environment is key to this, reaching and engaging people on the move. Knowing that you can target customers through a variety of formats across multiple points of a shopper’s movements through the city, can help inform creative campaigns that will drive measurable results for business. This new Network is a huge opportunity for retailers that shouldn’t be missed.

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