Global launches Digital Gateway @ Bank

After a successful launch of the largest screens on London Underground at Canary Wharf in October 2016, we are now launching our brand new landscape digital format - Digital Gateway @ Bank.

Global launch Digital Gateway @Bank

In line with the rest of our Digital portfolio, the new 15sqm HD screen will be full-motion which our Engagement Zone 2.0 research proved it makes creative 4x more engaging when fully utilised. Strategically placed above the escalators, this product will be key in disrupting and engaging audiences on their journeys.

Bank station has a monthly footfall of 3.2 million with a highly affluent audience passing through each day. Using our first party partner data we can delve deeper in to audience behaviour and interests, for instance we can determine that their primary interests include credit cards, investment and finance news.

It doesn’t stop there! We will be rolling out Digital Gateways across five more stations on London Underground including London Bridge, Liverpool Street, King’s Cross St Pancras, Waterloo and Charing Cross. Keep an eye out for these impactful screens over the next year.

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