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Delivering 1 GB free Wi-Fi to the local communities and cities, InLinkUK is the new communication service that has the ability to make smarter connections between technology, consumers and brands in major cities across the UK.

This represents a huge leap in smart city development as each InLink provides ultrafast, free public Wi-Fi, phone calls, device charging and a tablet for access to city services, maps and directions.

For brands, this is an opportunity to get even closer to consumers (for whom this isn’t just an advertising screen). With over 258,000 registered Wi-Fi users so far, conducting over 10.5m Wi-Fi sessions and downloading over 445,000 GB of data, its popularity is clearly evident. Each month approximately 250,000 free phones calls are made and there are over 300,000 consumer engagements with the built-in internet-connected tablet.


InLinkUK is a joint venture between Global and Intersection which was launched in partnership with UK telecoms giant BT.

The first InLink was launched in June 2017 and InLinkUK is now live across London, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, Cardiff and Belfast as well as other major UK cities. In total 23 UK cities benefit from InLinkUK being part of their city infrastructure with Wi-Fi that is over 85 times faster than the average* public Wi-Fi! (Which is just *11.7 Mbps.)

InLinks are continuing their roll out across key UK cities throughout 2019. Click here to view the full portfolio 



  • Two sleek 55" HD digital display screens
  • Hand picked, city centre locations amongst retail, leisure and entertainment destinations
  • National scale 
  • A multitude of advertising opportunities alongside the digital display screens
  • The ability to sponsor the non-ad content delivered across the network of screens
  • The ability to book campaigns by impacts on a cost per thousand basis
  • Flexibility to buy any day, hour parts or location they wish
  • The potential to use dynamic creative
  • The prospect of using third party data to custom target audiences
  • A positive brand connection by supporting exciting free services to consumers


  • Reduced clutter and a tidier city landscape with InLink’s sleek, resilient design
  • Real-time communication between cities, councils and consumers in the physical space
  • Wayfinding capabilities to improve street navigation for all
  • In-built environmental sensors with the ability to provide data on a whole range of city issues including traffic flow and air pollution
  • An enhanced tourist experience.


  • A connection to 1GB of free, ultrafast Wi-Fi using your personal device
  • Access maps, directions, and local services from an easy-to-use touchscreen tablet
  • Stay in touch with free phone calls from BT to any mobile or landline number in the UK
  • Press the dedicated red 999 button in the event of an emergency
  • Safely charge your device using one of two USB ports
  • Public service announcements and useful content through the two 55" HD displays


Reactions to our sister project, LinkNYC, prove just how welcome an initiative InLinkUK is to consumers, cities and advertisers.

Over 1 million users in the first 12 months following the launch of LinkNYC, resulting in 82 million Wi-Fi sessions.

The service has seen higher than expected usage of tablet and phone services, resulting in high numbers of Link-to-consumer interactions.

90% of New Yorkers believe that LinkNYC is a positive initiative for New York City.

89% believe that LinkNYC will provide services that are beneficial to the community.

View the interactive map of the UK with all live InLinks

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