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You will probably have read about the Mayoral policy to restrict the advertising of food and non-alcoholic drink that is high in fat, sugar and salt (‘HFSS’ products) across Transport for London’s advertising estate. The policy was introduced to reduce exposure to these advertisements among children as part of the response to the challenge of child obesity. The restrictions came into effect from February 2019 and were updated in July 2019.

To provide you with a full understanding of HFSS, the ruling, the environments impacted, the Exception process, and much more, please read Global’s Guide to HFSS. Download the PDF version here

  • The exception form can be downloaded HERE. All applications and questions should be sent to TfLHFSSQueries@tfl.gov.uk

  • If you would like an opinion on any creative please contact our copy approval team at NationalCS@global.com

  • For any additional information or if you would like to speak to the HFSS team at Global, please contact us at hfss@global.com

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