DX48 full-motion screens


as part of our full-motion digital outdoor advertising we have one of the largest portfolio of digital advertising screens in the UK

We’ve successfully launched 88 full-motion DX48 screens across London Underground. Located in 20 zone 1 stations these dynamic displays can deliver your brand message to the most targeted, premium audiences in London. With an average dwell time of 3 mins, DX48s form a core part of our Engagement channel, allowing advertisers to deliver longer form Full Motion copy to a unique audience.

See also D6 screens.

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With an annual footfall of 688 million and 5.1 million fortnightly impressions, DX48 is the perfect channel to reach your brand’s target consumers through creative, flexible and dynamic messaging. 

[Source: Route, TfL]

DX48 delivers high engagement

Our digital cross-track display is a positive disruption to the everyday journey, with commuters exposed to over 100 ads per day. DX48 engages with audiences like never before; through extensive research we found that exposure to full-motion digital ads produces 4x more engagement amongst commuters. To find out more, check out our Engagement Zone 2.0 research. 

target an upmarket, young, light tv audience

With Londoners spending more time outdoors than the rest of the UK, DX48 can effectively engage this hard-to-reach, affluent, light TV audience. The DX48 audience spends more on clothes, going to the cinema, and are affluent young professionals. Whatever your product, this is an audience open to influence.

Through our extensive data sources and insights we are able to dive deep into our understanding of the DX48 audience, so you can plan and deliver smarter, more efficient campaigns.

Now you can combine bus advertising with digital! Digital Bus Advertising solutions.

[Source: TGI, Route, Telefonica, ONS]

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