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700 brand new full-motion D6 screens

In 2017 we began installing 700 brand new full-motion D6 screens across our First-Class estate. By December 2019 we will have completed this extensive rollout, dramatically transforming one of digital outdoor’s most sought after networks. 

Capturing the attention of up-market affluent audiences all over the country, over 800 new D6 screens are rolling out across London Underground and National Rail. These portrait screens are fully dynamic, HD and increasing in size from 55” to 75” and 86”.  

Proven to be four times more engaging than static, our new D6 network can effectively reach and engage with audiences at scale. Through our breadth of data and insight, we can help brands advertise at the right place, right time and with the right messaging.
We have D6s across both of our core channels (TfL and National) and have recently introduced networks to improve advertisers’ ability to reach a wider, more attractive audience.

In addition we have created 3x Fixed Packs which optimise the audience delivery, giving advertisers’ a minimum audience delivery across a defined set of screens.
D6s now come in three ways; Selectively, General Distribution (by Channel or Network) and Fixed Packs. 

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