Here at  we have made a huge commitment to understanding and communicating with the urban audience. In 2012 we launched our online research panel consisting of people aged 16+ who spend time working, shopping or ‘playing’ (i.e. shopping & socialising) in our towns and cities, which has grown to consist of 10,000+ members.

Each week, we send out an incentivised survey to generate behavioural, motivational and product usage insights about our panel. For each survey we receive between 1,300 and 1,600 responses, giving up to date information and robust data on consumer attitudes and behaviour around the country.

Our panel and surveys provide the unique opportunity to have a regular dialogue with the valuable urban audiences in the UK and gain exclusive insight, which can then be used to help shape clients' products, services and communications at Global.

We work across all different categories and collaborate with a range of advertisers to create new and attention-grabbing narratives. To see how we can work with your brand to engage with the urban audience or how you can utilise our planner-friendly dashboards, contact us today.

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