Flexible Solutions

Every relationship with an asset partner is different. We tailor the partnership to meet your specific needs and commercial imperatives.

We also offer more than one way to use the value generated from using your assets for an outdoor advertising campaign. You might choose to take it as cash income or to use it in ways that better suit the needs of your organisation – like for instance, improvements to the infrastructure or the aesthetics of the site. Whatever your objectives, we are more than dedicated to helping you meet them. 

  • We can offer a revenue stream from otherwise non-revenue generating property or infrastructure assets. This option is relevant where the partner wants:

    • To make the best use of digital or other new technology and expertise to optimise advertising revenues.
    • To have an additional source of income due to budget constraints.
    • To counteract revenue stream limitations from outside agencies.
    • To obtain additional revenues to allow the completion, expansion or commencement of specific programmes.
  • We can offer additional services to stakeholders. This option is relevant where the partner:   

    • Finds it difficult to invest in new services due to a lack of funds from existing revenue sources.
    • Lacks the resource to develop and operate new services currently outside the scope of normal activities.
    • Lacks the added-value service innovations that are being deployed in similar organisations.
    • Has a limited remit and clear responsibility to focus on a core of basic services for citizens or stakeholders.
  • We can help you produce tangible measures that demonstrate green values. This option is relevant where the partner wants:

    • To provide environmental services to stakeholders.
    • To improve environmental credentials.
    • To work with organisations in commercial relationships that operate to the highest possible environmental standards.
  • We can help you develop bespoke designed panels and street furniture that complement the built environment. This option is relevant where:
    • The city or real estate portfolio enjoys a protected status or has particular architectural, heritage or aesthetic sensitivities.
    • There are concerns or issues in relation to the built environment that may require special consideration when developing an advertising estate.
    • A bespoke or tailored approach is required.

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